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Splashbacks are a great way to add a unique and eye catching feature to any room. Splashbacks are glass panels made from low iron glass and painted to give a stylish look. Not only do they add to the aesthetics of a room, in the kitchen they can also protect the walls from spills when cooking and are very easy to clean and maintain the appearance. 

We manufacture our glass splashbacks from 6mm thick low iron glass as when painted the colour remains pure and is not affected by the green tinge in normal float glass. The glass is then machined to your selected size or template, including any notches or socket cutouts and then goes through the toughening process to give the glass a high temperature and impact resilience. Finally the glass is then painted to the colour of your choice to create a rich coloured wall panel.

Why choose splashbacks?

  • Appearance - due to it's reflective qualities, glass splashbacks create a high glossy, vivid coloured wall panel that is great for making your room look larger and brighter. There are very few limitations to shape, size or colour. We can paint the panels to any RAL or Dulux colour giving you endless choice and creative options to decorate your home.

  • Heat and impact resistant - we always use toughened glass to produce our splashbacks which makes it five times stronger than non-toughened glass and heat resistant up to 220 degrees so it will virtually never break due to heat.

  • Easy to maintain - because the splashbacks are a single glass panel, there is no grout lines or hard to reach places like on tiled splashbacks which makes the glass very easy to clean. Any stains or marks on the surface of the glass can be simply wiped away with a cloth.

  • Easy to install - we recommend installing the splashbacks with an adhesive to give a clean and seamless installed appearance. This is certainly easier than installing a tiled splashback, using less messy equipment like tile cutters and grout to carry out the fitting.

The best way for you to order a splashback is to create a template from either mdf or plywood. This way you can make any socket cutouts or notches in the template and be assured that the glass will be made true to your template. 

Please visit our contact page for information about where to send your templates.

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