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Sandblasted Glass can be used for a variety of applications, mainly used for decoration, privacy or to create an anti-slip surface for glass flooring. The process involves firing fine sand at the surface of the glass which creates a translucent finish. Almost any pattern or design can be imprinted onto the face of the glass using sandblasting, which makes it a great option when designing products like shower screens, dividers, glass doors and balustrade panels. Sandblasted glass can be as simple as entirely sandblasting the surface of the glass creating a frosted finish, to imprinting lettering onto the face of the glass or creating more intricate patterns. 

We offer sandblasting on all of our glass and mirror types, allowing for numerous options when it comes to creating your perfect piece of glass. Mirrors are commonly sandblasted to the rear where the abrasive grit removes the paint and silvering leaving a sandblasted area that can be illuminated when back lit. 

We can create sandblasted glass patterns to your specification. You will need to provide us with measurements, fonts (for lettering) and drawings or images for more intricate patterns. Please get in contact with a member of our team to discuss the vast range of options when it comes to designing your unique sandblasted glass panel.

Sandblasted Glass
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