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Mirrors are a great addition to many rooms in your house for decoration or practical use. They are wonderful to use as a statement piece or can be integrated with other furniture to create a stylish look. They can also fit into to any room in your home to add depth or light to a room which may feel small. Adding mirrors to your home allows for endless possibilities when it comes to design and appearance.

We can supply 4mm and 6mm thick mirror in either silver, bronze or grey (smoked) which allows for a variety of design choices. There are many options when it comes to shape and size as well. We can create your bespoke mirror to various shapes with many feature options such as socket cutouts and notches meaning we can tailor them to fit your exact requirements.

Mirrors can also be fitted in numerous ways and this will have to be taken into consideration prior to placing your order. We can drill your mirrors allowing you to screw your mirrors onto your wall for fixing. We also offer a mirror backing service where we can cover the rear of your mirror in safety backing which will keep the glass mirror together should it ever break. 

We can make a mirror to your measurements for square, rectangle or circle mirrors. To create a mirror which is an irregular shape, we would advise you to make a template from either mdf or plywood to ensure that we can supply your perfect mirror.

Please visit our contact page for information about where to send your templates.

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