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We offer a variety of glass products that can be cut to size on a state of the art cutting table. The table allows us to cut all different types and thicknesses of glass as the first stage of the manufacturing process. From there we can then tailor the products to your requirements such as polishing the edges, drilling holes, machining cutouts and rounding the corners. After this, the glass can be toughened which makes the glass 5 times stronger than annealed glass allowing for a variety of uses such as splashbacks, balustrading and table tops. After the toughening process is complete, we can finally add decorative touches such as painting and sandblasting the glass panel.

The types of glass we have in stock available to cut and process are:

  • Clear float glass

  • Low iron glass (the highest clarity glass available)

  • Mirror (silver, tinted grey, tinted bronze)

  • Laminate

  • Tinted glass (grey, bronze, blue, green)

  • Satin (frosted)

  • Textured glass

  • Picture frame glass 

  • Greenhouse glass / Horticultural glass

We also provide a glass cutting service while you wait. Our team can cut a variety of different sizes of glass and mirrors, providing you with your clean-cut glass without the waiting time!* 


Our cutting table can also scan templates for glass that you require to be made to a particular shape or design. Our equipment can scan any mdf/plywood template accurately and from this we can reproduce your design in CAD software, which allows our machinery to manufacture the shape required.

Please visit our contact page for information about where to send your templates.

*Please note that glass and mirrors cut to size while you wait will be non-toughened and will not have any edgework.

Glass Cut To Size
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