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Pond Glass is an increasingly popular form of incorporating a glass viewing panel into your pond that results in a highly effective decorative and practical feature which gives your pond the wow factor. Not only do these glass panels look great, they are also very useful for inspecting the pond and the health of your fish with a more practical viewing angle.

As our products are all bespoke, the glass that you require is made to your sizes, meaning that you have many options to choose from when planning to add a glass window to your pond. We also provide a variety of glass thicknesses for pond glass including, 17.5mm, 21.5mm and 25.5mm toughened laminated glass. These thicknesses are dependent on the depth of the glass below the water surface level. Please contact a member of our team for advice about the glass you would require for your pond viewing panel.


Please visit our contact us if you require more information or a quote for your pond glass.

Pond Glass
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