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Glass Balustrades are an attractive and modern way of creating a safety barrier on a staircase or a walkway. Performing both a practical and aesthetic function, glass balustrades are great for enhancing the style of your home or office while still providing the safety of a traditional railing or barrier.

We can produce glass balustrading in toughened glass, laminated glass or toughened laminated glass. Depending on the use, our team can advise you on the best glass to use for your required function.

There are various options when it comes to the style of the glass as well. We offer balustrading in clear and low iron glass as well as bronze and grey tinted glass.

Where to use a glass balustrade?

  • Staircases are a common area in your home where a glass balustrade can be used to add elegance while enhancing safety. Glass balustrades offer a perfect way to transform your staircase and give a contemporary touch.

  • Balconies & Mezzanines can be improved by using a glass balustrade. Where safety is paramount due to the high nature of balconies and mezzanines, there is often the need to retain the view from these areas. We can achieve the vital safety function while also providing the benefit of transparency to give a more open feel to an area.

  • Gardens and Terraces offer the chance for balustrades to be used outdoors. Balustrades can be lined along walkways or terraces to add to the style of your garden and create a seamless safety solution that maintains the open nature of the outdoors. Balustrades can also be used for glass windbreak screens which deflect the wind and are perfect for allowing light through to the area without obstructing the view to the rest of your garden, whilst keeping wind at bay and allowing for a calm, relaxed seating area.

The best way for you to order balustrade panels for your staircase is to create a template from either mdf or plywood. Please bear in mind how you would like the balustrade to be fitted as you may need the panel to be drilled with fixing holes. Other balustrade panels such as for balconies or windbreak screens can be made to your measurements or to a template.

Please visit our contact page for information about where to send your templates.

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