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Laminated Glass is a type of safety glass that will hold together when broken. Laminated glass is made up of an interlayer which is sandwiched between two or more pieces of glass. The interlayer holds the glass together if it is shattered, providing a safe glass solution for various applications. 

Due to its tough and robust structure, laminated glass provides a great alternative to toughened glass for many products, such as:

  • Balustrade Panels

  • Shop Fronts / Domestic Doors 

  • Glass Floors

  • Display Cabinets for Valuables

Laminated glass is the better and safer options in some circumstances, especially for balustrade panels and glass floors that are installed at a great height where safety is paramount. Toughened laminate is also available for extra strength. Shop fronts and glass doors could highly benefit from having laminated panels as apposed to toughened glass as any unauthorised person would struggle to gain entry due to the laminate holding together. If toughened glass was broken it would shatter into small, less harmful pieces making breaking in to a property fairly easy.

Not only is laminated glass great for providing a practical safety function, there are also many design choices that can be creating using laminated glass. Different types of material and fabric can be combined with the interlayer to produce very interesting and unique creations which could be used in glass doors, wall dividers and counter tops.

Please contact a member of our team to discuss whether laminated glass is right for your requirements. If you know what you are looking for, please visit our online shop to purchase your glass online.

Laminated Glass
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